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Stupid People Succeed Faster?

When it comes to Internet Marketing or business in general, the hardest part is making that first move.

That first elusive move or action that has the ability to turn around your destiny.

Yesterday while I was driving to pick up my girlfriend from work, I tuned in to a local business radio station.

There was this talk show called “Stupid people succeed faster”. Although it didn’t say faster than what, I can only assume faster than smart people? :roll:

Anyway, the guy behind this “Stupid people succeed faster” talk show is a somewhat well-known local businessman in my country. I have heard of his name before, though I forgot where. Maybe it’s through the local magazines or newspapers portraying his businesses and how successful he is.

The radio show went on to talk about how “stupid people” with only junior high or high school education, because of their ignorance, are not afraid to try new things.

These “stupid people” are not going to analyze all the possible scenarios before they try on something new. They would just go out there and take action, and if any problems arise, they just deal with it on a case by case basis.

Contrast this with the way how “smart people” (you know those with bachelor’s or master’s degree) would do things. These guys would plan ahead and analyze every possible scenario.

They would not take any action at all unless everything is planned out carefully and flawlessly. As you might already knew, nothing is perfect and you can’t expect to embark on something new and don’t face any unexpected problems along the way.

That, in a nutshell, is basically what the radio show is trying to convey.

I agree with the speaker to a certain extent in that unexpected problems do happen, and we can’t be perfect trying to plan everything before we actually take any action.

I do, however, disagree that we have to take action without any planning at all. In my opinion, if you fail to plan, you also plan to fail. :cool:

My view is that you still need to plan what you want to do. Just don’t try to be a perfectionist trying to plan and analyze every possible scenario before you actually take action. This will lead to action-paralysis, and eventually you take no action at all.

And if you take no action at all, then you achieve nothing!

I was once a perfectionist-wannabe as well. I would over analyze things down to every last detail.

And you know what, the more I analyze and plan, the more confused I became.

Fast forward a few years later (which is now) I have finally learned to take things a little easier and just let everything flow without much analysis. :mrgreen:

It does not mean that I don’t plan and analyze before I do something. I still do, it’s just to a much lesser extent.

Mind you, I certainly don’t want to suffer from brain damage!

What about you?

Do you over analyze and over complicate situations and problems?

11 Responses to “Stupid People Succeed Faster?”

  • Hi guys. Another option could be that the “stupid people” are the ones perceived to be stupid, more specifically, the ones without formal (university) education. I have a PhD and my two sons never even attended university. They are highly successful entrepreneurs. I have now resigned from my lecturing job and am now employed one of them. In our case they are the smart guys and I’m the idiot – even though I have a PhD and they don’t even have any tertiary qualification.

  • it doesnt matter if you’re crazy or smart person. the truth one is how you manage yourself and be perseverance, how budget your time and be able to do work in easy and faster way. if your a wise man and set your goal, thats what you call SUCCESS!

  • “if you fail to plan, you also plan to fail”

    This isn’t something I read everyday; a mirror, one-way street…it’s rally difficult to not plan your goal if you’re a perfectionist, but I think it’s still a case to case basis…not people can apply this trick likewise this might not work for other people who requires intense focus for them to achieve something.

  • You have a good point. Smart people tend to over analyze everything, to the point that he miss the real thing that he needs to do.

  • Jason Hart

    Wow. Its really funny Ive been on a kick how I wish i was mentally handicapped and I would be doing far better in life. As the former marine mentioned the truth of the matter is action in most cases is the most important thing. The problem lies with more intellectual or possibly over thinkers that we definately get caught up with teh waht ifs and well i want to do everything so I wont do anything till I have it right. I believe the main detriment to mentally gifted individuals is the want and possibly need to use it. The downfall is the large time it generally takes not to mention getting into a position that allows them to do so. From my experience to get into anything that involves using your brain and mental gifts you generally have to suffer through seemingly meaningless unchallenging work. It is by far the most aggravating thing on earth to do things that a trained ape can do and show any type of enthusiasm for when you think about all the possible ridicule, teasing, wasted time, or inefficiency of the task. I beleive on the other hand I have seen alot of drug users or those or lower intelligent prosper by simply doing those meaningless task far more then those that tried to use their mind non-stop.
    But the end point is if you can do grunt work and do well at it and not drive yourself nuts doing it then there is probally very little bad effect of being smart. The issue is simply not analyzing everything and letting the problems that you see in teh system get you down and paralyze your chances

  • the reputation of people in the US Marine Corps (in which I proudly served 8 years) is that of stupid people. No education and only suited to follow orders. But, when you give a Marine an order it gets done.

    The story goes that the day following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait the Prez had a meeting with the commanders of the 4 branches of the US military.
    The army was asked how long they needed to be ready, 6 weeks minimum, probably more.
    the navy had ships in the region, but needed a month to be combat ready.
    the air force could also be ready for full scale battle in about a month.
    the Marine Commandant said that troops were boarding planes and would be in country the following day. My Recon unit parachuted into Iraq (not a neighboring country, but in Iraq) less than 90 hours after the flags went up.
    Recon, they were sent to watch movement and count people.

    In business, do you want wizards of the industry that will analyze, plan, design, re-design, implement a test project, re-design, implement beta, re-design, implement a large scale test (well, you get the picture) or do you want a team that will go out, make sales and correct along the way?

    I vote for the second option.

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  • Eddie – Yes you nailed it right. That is exactly the message the speaker wanted to convey (at least that’s what I thought). I like the fog analogy.

  • I believe that basically that the message is meant to relay the importance of action and not overthinking your goals. The biggest thing about taking action is learning how to fail faster. I think that is the real message. Failing faster and learning from it, getting back up and going at it again is what really seperates successful people from dreamers.

    The best analogy for this I think I ever heard is that success is like a fog. You can only see maybe at times a couple of feet in front of you. Once you get there you can only see the next few feet. So on and so forth. Sometimes you don’t need to have everything planned exact to get where you want to be, you just have to have a good sense of direction in where you are going and some people are more in touch with this skill than others. Great post Welly.

  • Alley,

    I think what the speaker is trying to convey is basically the same as what you intend to say, only that maybe he shouldn’t have named the show “Stupid people succeed faster” :wink:

  • If taken literally, I definitely disagree that stupid people succeed faster.

    The speaker should have said something like “the more you know, the more you worry, and the more you worry, the more you are afraid to try anything”.

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