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Subscribers Contest With A Cool Prize

Want a cool prize? :cool:

Great, see below for more details because I’m looking for 1 (one) lucky winner…

Early next week I’ll releasing a brand new product called Beginners Blog Profits. This product is excellent for beginners who are still struggling to make any money online.

Beginners Blog Profits, as you might have already guessed, is about making money online through blogging.

If you take away the teachings from this product, you won’t become a millionaire overnight. You will, however, learn some valuable lessons and proven strategies and tactics on how to earn real money through blogging.

So please note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme and you need to put in real work and effort in order to make money.

When I first got started in Internet Marketing, it was back in June 2006. It wasn’t until January 2008 that I become a full-time Internet Marketer.

It took me a long time (1.5 years) to finally be able to see the big picture of running an Internet business.

While Beginners Blog Profits is not about making tens or hundreds of thousands monthly, it does however show and teach beginners how to start making REAL money from scratch through blogging.

Having said that, do you want a copy of Beginners Blog Profits for FREE?

If the answer is yes then you simply need to tell me why you want Beginners Blog Profits AND what you will do with it, in a comment below…

This contest will run from Wednesday October 22 – Sunday October 26, 2008.

You can post as many entries as you like, and anyone can participate. I’ll pick 1 (one) lucky winner to receive Beginners Blog Profits for FREE at the end of the contest.

So post your entries now and good luck! :mrgreen:

7 Responses to “Subscribers Contest With A Cool Prize”

  • Hi Welly –

    The reason why I want Beginners Blog Profits is because I want to learn how to make good money from blogging. I’ve heard it can be done, just not sure how to do it.

    If I win this contest I will build a blog from scratch, monetize it using your methods, and I will help other people with making money from blogs as well.

  • Chad Bryans


    Thanks for the opportunity for me to enter the contest. I want Beginners Blog Profits badly because I truly want to start earning some money online.

    Not tens or hundreds of thousands when I’m just starting out, just like you said.

    I do want to be able to big money in the future though.

    If I win this contest, I’m going all out to put the methods and concepts of Beginners Blog Profits to action, as no action means no income!

    I’m sure I’ll win this great contest Welly :mrgreen:

  • Anita


    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter. If I should win the prize, I will put in all the efford needed to start my own internet business. I don’t know much about the system, but I am willing to learn.

    I work very long hours and spend very little time with my family. (My daughter is 6). I want to be able to enjoy life a little and proove that an iternet business is possible in South-Africa!

  • Welly

    First of all thanks for having this contest and also thanks for the opportunity to allow me to participate. I’ve been lurking around the net for some time, but haven’t really focus my mind on internet marketing yet. However over the last few months I’ve taken a much more interest in IM, so I really want to be able to make money online…

    I want to own beginners blog profit because I really want to succeed online and failure is not an option. I really want to become someone useful for my family, to provide good education and the best life for them.

    After receiving beginners blog profit I will make sure to apply the methods in the guide to build a blog that makes me money day in and day out. Rest assured that I WILL take action!

  • Danie


    To be honest I still dont know where and how to start my own internet business. :???: I am trying to get my hands on as many info as possible. I am very serious about starting my own business but am unsure if internet businesses in South-Africa will work in these harsh economic times.

    Please advise!

  • Jimmy

    Hi Welly

    I want beginners blog profits because I REALLY want to learn how to build and set up a blog, and then use that blog to make money.

    What will I do with it? I will read and understand the concepts taught in this guide and then I will IMPLEMENT and take action so that I can make real money from the internet. I will not simply just read and then not take any action at all.


  • apollonet

    hi, i m really intested in u r this prize, i running voip buissness now, looking to start online othere buiss too. but not understanding any thing how to start exactly & what to do. pls tell me something specially what i can do here in UAE.

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