The Easiest Way To Create Your First Website

Do you have a website of your own yet?

If yes, that’s great.

If you still don’t have a website yet, why not?

It’s really easy nowadays to create your first website with the different content management systems available. Compare that with the past when you need to understand HTML just to create a simple static website and you’ll feel so grateful that you are living in 2008 :)

The easiest and best way is to create your website is through a blog.

Why is this so?

Well, because:

1. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Live love blogs

Blogs are easily indexed by these search engines. The more blog pages that are indexed, the higher the probability your blog will appear in the search engine’s query results.

What this in turn means is, of course, the higher the probability that someone will come across your blog and clicks on it.

2. Very easy to install

You don’t need to have complex programming skills in order to set up a blog, although a little HTML would help in doing some customization to your blog.

Overall, it’s pretty much straightforward with its highly intuitive point-and-click platform.

3. Installs in 2 minutes

Yes,it takes only 2 minutes to install your blog and get it up and running. Can you find something else that will install faster? Don’t think so! :lol:

4. Every Internet Marketer has a blog

What about you? Care to join them (and me) to make some real money?

5. Very easy to maintain

With its highly intuitive admin dashboard, managing posts and pages, adding and deleting links, and posting new content become very easy.

Now that you have seen for yourself the advantages and pros of creating your website through a blog, it is now time to choose a blog platform.

There are a number of blog platforms available, such as, Blogger, Drupal, Typepad, and MovableType.

I highly recommend as it gives you a lot more flexibility and options to tweak and customize your blog according to what you want.

If you are just starting out, you probably have little or no money to spend on domain and hosting. If this is you, then you might want to register for a Free domain and get Free hosting as well.

However, if you have some money ($10 per year for domain and $3-$10 per month for hosting) to spare, I highly suggest that you register your own domain that ends with a .com and register for a paid hosting account.

Having your own .com domain name looks much more professional, and having your own paid hosting account is much better than free hosting because they will provide you with support should you have any questions or if anything goes wrong.

To learn how to install WordPress on your domain, grab my FREE report “Your First $100 Online” simply by typing your first name and email on the top right corner of this page. Turn over to page 19…:mrgreen:

3 Responses to “The Easiest Way To Create Your First Website”

  • claramolee on February 12, 2011

    hi i am a beginner in this field,so i don’t know more about this,but i get some more valuable information through this site.i really interested to reading this site,i hope this information will helpful for all beginners.thank you for this type of experience.

  • Chad Mcquilkin on July 21, 2010

    howdy, ta for the helpful blog mate, there’s so many options with web marketing these days it’s difficult to know where to look for good info, thank you.

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