The Most Straightforward Way To Make Money Online

Newbie trying their hands to make money online are often confused how they can actually “make money online”.

They often ask themselves questions such as: “Where exactly is the online money at and how can I take advantage of this opportunity and make some money myself?”

If you are one of these beginners, I would recommend to you that the most straightforward and simplest way to make money online is through ads marketing or ads monetization.

What exactly is Ads marketing or Ads monetization?

Ads marketing or Ads monetization simply means that you earn money by selling advertising space to advertisers.

As simple and straightforward as that! :cool:

Traditional newspapers and magazines, which have been around for ages, make money by selling advertising space.

In the online world of Internet Marketing, it is practically the same. You can make money by selling advertising space on your website.

To successfully sell advertising space, you need to:

1. Set up a website of your own

Currently, the easiest way to set up you own website is by using a blog. I recommend using a WordPress blog if you have a little money to spare to buy domain and hosting. However, if you have no money, you can also set up a Free Blogger blog.

To find out more about setting up your WordPress or Blogger blog, you can grab my FREE report “Your First $100 Online” just by subscribing to this blog on the top right of this page.

2. Put in valuable content to your blog on a consistent basis

Now that you have your blog set up, the next thing you need to do is to put in valuable content to your blog.

Now pay special attention when I say “valuable content”. You must give valuable content that is beneficial to your blog readers, not just some rubbish and low quality content that you simply copy from another blog and paste it into your own blog.

By entertaining your blog readers on a consistent basis with valuable content that is useful to them, you make them happy they are more likely to return to your blog in the future.

These readers are also likely to recommend their friends to your blog if they feel they have benefited by reading the content on your blog.

The more people who know your blog, the higher your blog’s traffic, which lead us to point number 3…

3. Drive traffic on a consistent basis

Creating great content on your blog is terrific, but you need to do some promotion so that people know your blog exists in the first place.

There are a number of ways to drive traffic to your blog:

- write articles and submit them to article directories like Ezine Articles and Go Articles

- if you have some budget, you can use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising like Google Adwords

- social bookmark your blog’s content on sites such as, StumbleUpon, and Digg

- participate in 1 or 2 forum discussions related to your niche

- trackback to other high profile bloggers’ posts from your posts

- comment on other blogs in the same niche

4. Finally, make money by selling advertising space on your blog

When your blog is visited by a lot of people (hundreds or thousands) daily, you are ready to sell advertising space on your blog to make some money.

You can do this by selling advertising space directly without the help of third party vendors by putting up your own “Advertise here” page on your blog.

Some people, however, don’t want the hassle of handling the administration work of receiving payments, setting up and activating/de-activating ads, etc.

If this is you, then you can always enlist their help of third parties such as Google Adsense or Adbrite. They take care of all the administration processes, so all you need to do is just collect money if there are advertisers who want to advertise on your blog. :lol:

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44 Responses to “The Most Straightforward Way To Make Money Online”

  • Straightforward? Yes. Easy? I’m not so sure. Then again, making money, whether online or otherwise, always requires patience and hard work, doesn’t it? I’ve tried Adsense, too and link building (as Freebie Sites suggested). In fact, I’ve tried a couple of ways to make money online, though I think finding just one really good way should do the trick. Anyway, this was a well-written article. Keep up the good work!

    • I agree with what you say Mike. That’s the major causes of online failures. To build a successful online business, you need patience.

      If you study the lives of successful online entrepreneurs, you will discover that it took some years before they had a break-even. So we to imbibe patience in our life.

  • I use both Adsense and Adbrite and i can say that adbrite is also a good source of income but not as good as adsense.:~”

  • Hi Jared,

    I don’t really understand your question “adding both adwords and affiliate links on the same page”.

    What do you mean by adwords links?


  • This is the most consistent way and simple way to make money online. It just takes time and effort. Create website, drive traffic to website, place ads.

    What do you think about adding both Adwords and affiliate links on the same page? I’ve heard that it’s more effective to just have one or another.

  • I agree that Ads Marketing can give you a good source of income. But a peron needs to have his/her own site so he can offer those things.

  • Thanks for this informative post, i think i would like to re visit your blog. awesome work dude

  • Pheromone – I don’t really get what you mean? Link about backlinks?

    Do you mean how to build backlinks?

    If yes, you can use professional link building services such as 1waylinks (affiliate link)

    If you want to know how to be number 1 in Google, you can see this post:

  • Welly,

    I need to link about back links?

    Any suggestions? I know I can Google it, but I respect your recommendations.

  • There are many ways to make money online, it depends on the person want to do it or not, simple as that, anyway thanks for the great info

  • The hardest part about this whole idea is generating the traffic. Creating content is pretty hard, but getting people to visit is the biggest problem. I personally prefer organic traffic from Google or another big search engine. I do that by link building. Link building is your key to a successful website. ;)

  • there are so many things you can do to Make Money Online but the easiest way is to put Adsense on your Blog or Website. I havent tried affiliate marketing yet but i would want to.

  • Great content is that need to write by onself and if do affiliate clickbank how to choose quality product and do quality research niche? Some of the article directory registration is difficult why?
    Thank and please reply
    By the way Im want to thank you for me download the ebook is great.

  • Actually, I am currently trying a variation of this theme. I have built the subscription base of my natural healing newsletter all in other to make money on line. But, nothing with welly mullia you will feel great

  • I agree with you on most straightforward way to make money on line, but I would go for CPA also if you get at least 100 hits/day. It seems to me a better way to monetize. Of course they could be combined, and lately skadoogle ads are also a viable option.

  • Thanks for the interesting tips. Having setup website to me is the easy part but the trick is to use correct seo so people can find them. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  • Hi Welly,

    You say setting up a blog is the most straightforward way to make money on line, Some if not most people havnt got the writing skills to do this me included. Maintaining a blog im guessing needs quite a bit of material to keep your readers interested this would be a difficult way for me to go due to my lack of writing skills or it may be just down to my inexperience.
    You give good advice Welly keep it coming.

  • Hi Welly,
    I enjoyed your report very much. I am sure that a lot of people will profit from your directions including myself. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to the next e-mail and blog.

  • @Laurie: Sounds like a good idea. Let me know how it goes :D

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the information. This is a process that I’ve been considering for some time now.

    Actually, I’m currently trying a variation of this theme. I’ve built the subscription base of my natural healing newsletter to approximately one thousand subscribers. So, now, I’m thinking of selling Ad space in each issue of the bi-weekly newsletter.

    Best regards,

  • I make money online by monetinizing my blogs with Google Adsense. I am currently studying the tricks of trade on Affiliate Marketing.

  • Completely agree with driving traffic as one of the most straightforward ways of making money.

    I’m surprised a lot of ppl are expecting to build a site and hope to get traffic AUTOMATICALLY without doing the required work to get the traffic.

    Good stuff Welly! :)

  • @Jon: I say that ads monetization is the most straightforward way to make money online because if you compare it to affiliate marketing or selling your own products, it’s easier and more straightforward. You can get the driving traffic report here:

  • Hi there Welly,

    I have to agree with Bo Tipton. Newbies do not have the knowledge to set up a blog, write content, bookmark, drive traffic etc (No disrespect to all newbies out there!)

    Therefore I would kinda disagree that ads monetisation is the “most straightforward way to make money online”!

    I look forward to the driving traffic report


  • Great article. But here’s the thin, you dont even need your own website to make money online. You can make a full time income off affiliate programs alone.

  • Hey:

    Thanks again for the great information. Being a Newbie I can say first hand:
    “there is so much to learn”. I really believe the statements about information overload. Even with that being said, sometimes it is difficult to get all the parts of the whole. That is what is great about you Willey you give us the entire picture. For all of us just starting out you are a great resource and thanks for being there to help everyone along. Every time I visit your blog I learn something new.


    the plain and simple girl

  • @Irma: Thanks for sharing. Hope you find the report useful!

  • Welly,

    I agree that Newbies are often confused on how they can make money online.

    Once they get on someone’s email list, they are bombarded with offers. It can be frustrating to say the least as they try to sort through legitimate offers.

    Setting up your own website is good advice. Putting up consistent valuable content is harder to achieve for the Newbie as well as driving traffic.

    You mentioned some good ways to drive traffic. I like that you suggest free methods because most Newbies don’t have a large budget, nor are they prepared to tackle PPC.

    I did request your free report. Looking forward to learning more from you in it.

    Have a great day!


  • @Internet marketing site: When you do blog commenting on dofollow blogs, you can drive traffic to your site when visitors click on your link and gain 1 way link to your site, thereby helping your search engine rankings.
    When you do blog commenting on nofollow blogs, then you’re only gaining traffic when visitors click on your site.

  • Hi. I love your blogs (english and indonesian).
    I build my Business online starting blog, with emplementing your blog ebook (ngeblog dapet duit). It is awsome book.
    I want to ask a question.

    In this article you say that we can get traffic by using blog commenting. How it can drive traffic?
    Is it for SEO or for a direct traffic or for another reason?

  • I think one of the problems with Adsense is matching ads. I have tried them before with an old blog of mine and it only made about $20 after 8 months. I made more money faster with PayPerPost and TLA but got google-slapped.

    I ditched it at that point. I did manage to break even. I learned the lesson the hard way about messing with Google “slaps”.

    But still, in hindsight, and now after further research, Adsense is primarily a content network and that requires a high volume of traffic to generate a consistent payout.

    I am actually trying a campaign with some free AdWords credit so it will be interesting to see how that formula works out.

  • @Sentono: Build a blog!

  • sentono

    Thank with your information
    To be frankly yes, I’m very confuse with my first step have to do.
    Many email and SMS I have done it, but there are no good result.
    What must I do ? Thank with your help.

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  • @Bo: I’m currently working on a Free report on how to generate traffic, so stay tuned!

  • Your right ads are a great way to make money if your new. The only problem is that you have to have traffic to your blog or website to take advantage of this. Most new Internet Marketers do not know how to get website traffic without spending money to do it.

    I know you have done it before but how about another post on getting traffic.

    Bo Tipton
    The Ornery Marketer

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  • ROY

    Hello Welly

    Thank you for the very good info on how to start.

    The free report is very useful.

    Thank you for helping newbies.


    Roy Bertrand

  • I enjoyed reading it keep the good work. Thank you for you sharing information. :smile:

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  • Creating ezine – thanks :)

    Janet – You’re right. Newbies should definitely try something easier first rather than creating their own products. They can make money through ads monetization first.

  • Hi Welly,

    Yes blogging and making money through ads is definitely one of the most straightforward ways to make money online.

    Although if you have your own product, you will definitely make more money in the long run.

    But then again, beginners should try something simpler rather than trying to create their own products.

    Nice post. Thanks. :wink:

  • I love your site. I found your blog via Google while searching for creating ezine and your post regarding The Most Straightforward Way To Make Money Online looks very interesting to me. It really looks very nice. The articles provided are long enough to provide great content but not so long as to be totally engrossing, if you know what I mean.

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