Ultimate Footer Ad Review (Case Study + $10 Discount…)

Update: I’m no longer recommending Ultimate Footer Ad since we at Get Profits Fast lab have come up with our own version that is much, much more powerful than Ultimate Footer Ad.

I don’t like to toot my own horn, but give Premium List Magnet a risk-free try. This is the most powerful list building WordPress plugin in the market today, hands down.

Ultimate Footer Ad doesn’t even come close…

ultimate footer ad review

Loyal readers of this blog most likely would have noticed that I put up a slide up opt-in form on the bottom of this blog a few months ago.

This slide up opt-in form is called Ultimate Footer Ad.

In addition to using Ultimate Footer Ad for this blog, I’ve also been installing it on my other sites. And today I’d like to share my results with you.

Apart from this blog, I’m also running an Internet Marketing blog for my local Indonesian folks in the Indonesian language (be warned thought that you won’t understand a single word there since it’s written in the Indonesian language).

I installed Ultimate Footer Ad on this Indonesian blog on March 17, 2009. Before the existence of this opt-in form (February 15 to March 15, 2009 to be exact), there were 16,469 visits and 1,488 opt-ins according to Google Anayltics. This equates to a conversion rate of 9.04%.

From March 17 to April 17, 2009, 17,788 visits and 2,869 opt-ins were recorded. This means a conversion rate of 16.13%.

By leaving everything the same except the addition of Ultimate Footer Ad, I’ve managed to increase my opt-in conversion rate from 9.04% to 16.13%, which is a 78.43% INCREASE.

If only Ultimate Footer Ad had come out earlier to the market, I’d have grabbed this great script and would’ve have increased my subscribers my 78.43% earlier!

Ultimate Footer Ad Pros

1. Increase Your Conversions (Like In My Case)

Right now, there are not many scripts like this in the market where you literally capture the visitors’ attention by having something “slide up” from below.

It’s too obvious not to notice it, yet not too disturbing and intrusive compared to a pop-up. It gets the job done by increasing the conversion rate, especially if you’re installing this script on a blog where you have a lot of outgoing links that distract visitors. The more links you have on your blog/site, the lower your conversion rate will be.

Did I also mention that Ultimate Footer Ad can also be used to display whatever ad or sales message you want to display to visitors? If you don’t want an opt-in form to slide up, and instead want a sales message or some kind of ads to show up, no problem!

2. Very Affordable

At a retail price of just $47, Ultimate Footer Ad is very affordable. Any serious business owner and marketer who markets on the Internet MUST have this tool to boost their profits.

3. License Is Good For UNLIMITED Domains

You can install Ultimate Footer Ad on as many domains or websites as you like. No more paying additional fee just to install this script on different domains or websites.

Pay ONCE and you can use it infinitely.

4. FREE Lifetime Updates

When you purchase Ultimate Footer Ad, you’re also entitled to receive FREE lifetime updates of the script.

A lot of people do not understand this, but having a script that provides Free lifetime updates is AWESOME!


Because due to the nature of scripts, there is a high possibility (almost certain) that scripts contain bugs that need to be fixed. In addition, as time passes by and new technologies and methods are found, the script needs to be updated as well in order for it to work effectively.

Just three months into the purchase of the script, it has undergone one update from version 1.0 to version 2.0 (Just a few days ago, I’ve also updated my 1.0 to the 2.0 version).

5. Several Pre-Made Design Templates

Another thing to note about Ultimate Footer Ad is that it comes with several different design templates ready for you to use in your slide up opt-in form.

However, if you want to have a custom design that matches your website or the offer you’re giving away, then you need to enlist the help of a graphic designer to help you do that.

In my case study above, I used an existing pre-made design template that was included in the package. I’m pretty sure that if I were to custom design my opt-in form to match the offer I’m giving away, my conversion will increase even more.

Ultimate Footer Ad Cons

One of the cons of this script is that some people might find slide up opt-in forms to be disturbing and intrusive, although this is A LOT LESS annoying than pop-ups.

That said, it must be noted that you can’t please every single person out there. As the saying goes “you can’t make everyone happy”.

My advice is to make the MAJORITY of your CUSTOMERS happy.

Do you know that most people who complain all the time are those freebie seekers who will never buy anything from you. Forget about them and instead focus in making the majority of your CUSTOMERS happy.


At $47, Ultimate Footer Ad is VERY affordable.

Actually, it’s a STEAL!

Can you imagine increasing your opt-in conversion rate by 78.43% like I did for just ONE of my sites?

I highly endorse this product as I know the small investment you make will pay itself MANY times over!

However if you currently don’t have a website/blog yet, then please don’t buy it because you’ll simply be wasting your money as you simply can’t put it to good use.


The good news I have in store for you is that you can secure a 21.28% discount by buying Ultimate Footer Ad from my link (but don’t buy it from the link I’ve given you above). This means the regular retail price of $47 is going to come down to $37.

IMPORTANT: To claim your $10 (21.28%) discount, DO NOT BUY from the link I’ve given you above. Instead submit a support ticket and I’ll be sure to give you the discount link. I’m sorry for the extra step, but Graham Cox, the owner of the script, does not want me to publicly advertise this discount link to everybody.

Hence the reason for having to contact me via my support desk to ask for the discount link. Click here now to submit a support ticket and you’ll be on your way to getting yourself a very powerful Ultimate Footer Ad script that will boost your conversions at a discounted price.


PS. Let me know your comments and feedback in a comment below…

17 Responses to “Ultimate Footer Ad Review (Case Study + $10 Discount…)”

  • Welly

    I’m blown away.

    I have used Ultimate Footer Ad and Pop Up Domination on a bunch of sites for a while, but have just watched the video for your Premium List Magnet and I’m changing NOW.

    Looks like a slicker product with greater functionality and can’t wait to get started.


  • It’s a great script.. I’ve used it on two sites and it has increased my optins by a substantial amount. Welly, 16% is an incredible optin rate for a general webpage (ie. non-squeeze page). wow.

  • Joel

    Hi there.

    Can I use this script within Blogger?


    • Not really sure if this can be used with Blogger. Haven’t used Blogger for a very long long time. If Blogger allows you to insert custom code, I suppose it would work. But you want to make sure by contacting the script owner directly, just to be on the safe side.

  • I saw similar plugins… but this had to be the best I used. The others were just WP plugins, this one I can use on my non wp sites. Pretty nice… thx.

  • Hi Welly, this is very incredible in result. But I don’t understand yet about this ultimate footer ads. Is it something of Plugins that installed in your wordpress ? Thanks

    • Hi Suharto

      Ultimate Footer Ad is not a WordPress plugin. It’s a standalone script that can be used on any php sites, including WordPress blogs.

  • Sounds like a great product – but I for one have been ripped off. I bought it and have not been able to use it because Graham Cox and his support department (Bright Future Marketing – appears not to exist) never provided me with the registration key I need to use it. I lost my $37.00 Not a lot of money – but still, as far as my experience goes, this is a pure scam. I’ve contacted their customer support, requested the registration key repeatedly, and never received any reply or any acknowledgement.

    • So far I don’t have any problem with Graham and their support. They replied to my queries.

      Just to make sure that you got the correct support URL here it is once again:

      Hope you get it sorted out asap!

    • Hi Welly, Yvonne

      Yvonne I replied to all your tickets first thing yesterday (Mon 1st November)…

      My replies included the Product Registration Key (PRK) page url. The PRK page is also supplied to you when you purchase and in the first emails in my buyers autoresponder sequence.

      I apologise for the slight delay in replying. We did have particularly heavy volume of support at the end of last week unfortunately and response times suffered as a result.

      Please also bear in mind the support desk is not manned at weekends and that made the delay seem longer. This is mentioned on my support desk home page at bfm.zendesk.com/home.

      I would appreciate if you would post a new comment here acknowledging that I’m not a scammer. I quite resent being referred to in that way as I do my best to provide both an excellent product and first class support. I have over 2000 satisfied UFA customers and have provided atleast 6 major upgrades to free of charge since March 2009 when UFA launched.

      Many thanks

      Graham Cox

  • The ad review is very consistent and relevant. The review is precisely and thoroughly done that is why this can be a very reliable source.

  • Hey Welly!

    Just stumbled across your website when I was searching for the Ultimate Footer…little did I know that you are offering a discount!

    Is the discount still available?


    • Hi Daniel

      Yes the discount is still available. Like I said above I can’t give you the discount link here (as stated by the product owner). Go to my support desk at http://www.getprofitsfast.com/support and I’ll be happy to hook you up with the discount link.

      • Hi Willy,

        Thanks for your reply, I have requested it from your support desk. Thank you :)


  • Glenn

    Can I use this script within XsitePro2?

    • The way to use this ultimate footer ad script is to insert a snippet of code into your html or php file. I’ve never used xsitepro2, but as long as the output file is in html or php (which is going to be the case for web pages), then yes you can insert this code.

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