Unusual Or Weird (Email Marketing Tricks)?

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We all know how profitable email marketing is when done correctly, especially if you were to factor in the implementation of some unusual or weird email marketing tricks. Today I’d like to give you a tip that can boost your email marketing profits.

The tip is: You should include your signature in every email message you send out.

Yup, whether it’s email follow-ups that are already set up in your autoresponder system, or broadcasts that you regularly send out – you should include your signature at the end of each email.


Because your subscribers are NOT going to read ALL your emails. This means they will sometimes (or often times) miss offers that you present them. Even your most loyal subscriber will, at times, miss reading your email for various reasons – maybe they were too busy, maybe your email went to their spam/bulk folder, etc.

By including your signature at the end of every email you send (both follow-ups and broadcasts), you are increasing the chance that they will read your “signature section”. Of course, you want to put in “money links” in your signature so that you can maximize your profits potential.

Aren’t These Kind Of Email Marketing Tricks Obtrusive?

Since your signature is placed at the end of your email message, they are not obtrusive.

Let’s shift our mind away from IM or make money online for a while.

If you receive email messages from people you knew, and at the end of these emails there are signatures included, would you get angry or pissed off?

Not The Regular Signature

Note that the signature I’m talking about here is not the typical (boring) signature like most people who don’t understand internet marketing would write about. The typical signature at the bottom of an email goes like this:

Welly Mulia
Internet Marketer
Address here
Phone number here
Fax number here
Website URL here

This type of signature is plain boring and does not give the email recipient any incentive to find out more about the email sender. Upon reading such a signature, the email recipient is probably thinking: “Okay so this guy is an internet marketer. So what? Why is he giving out his fax number? I don’t need that.”

Like I’ve mentioned a lot of times before, we humans are selfish creatures and we ONLY care about ourselves. We are always thinking about “what’s in it for me” and “what benefits will I get out of this”. If there are no benefits, why should we care?

That said, you must make your signature ENTICING enough for them to want to click on your website links. This is one of the most important email marketing tricks that involve email signatures. Take a look at my current signature when sending out emails to my subscribers:


For Support, go to:

Do NOT reply to this email as no one will see it.

Claim Your $488 FREE Internet Marketing Gifts Now:

Set Up Your HIGH CONVERTING Squeeze Page In 2 Minutes FLAT:

CHEAPEST Minisite Design On Earth?


Now compare my signature to the regular boring signature. Which one has a higher chance of getting clicked?

(…it’s pretty obvious don’t you think?)

So What Do You Put In Your Signature?

I recommend that you put in:

- Your contact information (in my case my support desk link)

- Your products and/or services

- You might want to include a link to your affiliate program (if you have one)

- You might also wish to include your Twitter link – I didn’t because I think social media is hyped up. Since these people were already on my list, I believe I can build relationships better via email marketing than via Twitter.

Make sure that when you include links in your signature, do NOT just put these links as they are. Use a short teaser phrase to ENTICE your subscribers to click on your link, like in my signature. Simply putting up some links won’t do you any good because they are not going to click on them if you don’t tell them “what’s in it for them”.

Please share any other email marketing tricks you have in a comment below so that we can all learn together…

9 Responses to “Unusual Or Weird (Email Marketing Tricks)?”

  • Really well thought out email campaigns are few and far between. So many people hammer you day after day with “buy, buy, buy” emails. The basic rule I use is “thou shall give before expecting to receive.” I try to give 3 good content only emails before I send anything that would be considered promotional. And my promotional emails are low-key. I think it’s mainly about building that all important trust relationship with your prospects. Without that, you’re pretty much dead in the water.

  • Email marketing is important, but even more so when a company knows their target niche and audience. For example, mothers are included in an audience that is definitely marketable and knowing what they like and have time for is very important. Transactional emails are a great way to get through to mothers because of time restraints. These emails can make life easier and less time consuming as well as creating a better experience for mothers.

  • 99% of email marketing in Brazil is spam.
    for brazillian is a nightmare check email and see just spam…

    Filhotes a Venda

  • I think that best practices for email marketing always be a great headline in subject, as a promotion or free charges together with opt-in customers.

    Nowadays the spam filters catch easily spam emails. Sorry for my poor english.

  • Actually I thought the first example signature will work better and honestly speaking that’s the format I’ve been using, thanks for explaining the difference between the two now I will change my signature like the 2nd one which is more specific and I think that will really converts well.

  • Thanks for sharing your tip, it is really special.
    I will tell your suggestion to our customers to make their emails interesting to the targets. They used Comm100 Newsletter to send the emails for it guarantees a high delivery rate. And I hope your tips combined with this helpful tool will make their business much more successful.

  • It’s a good tip…. but wondered why you would not include at least SOME of that at the end of your Blog post!

    Sure…seems a faceious remark, but I mean it. Would the same be true for emails and Blog posts?

    John Gordon
    The Infotainer

    • That would actually be a good idea. Didn’t think of it before. Thanks!

      But I guess I’m not going to leave a signature in this post as I’ve just done so in the middle of the post.

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