What Passive Promotions Can Do To Your Business (In A Good Way)

If you have been doing any kind of marketing on the Internet, be it in the sports niche, weight loss niche, games niche, or any niche out there, you should be familiar with the promotion strategies and tactics product owners undertake to promote their products and services.

Things like pay per click (PPC), joint ventures (JV), setting up affiliate programs, advertising, social networking and bookmarking tactics come to mind when talking about promotions.

These tactics are known as Active Promotions, and *almost* everyone does them.

Product owners use these methods.

So do affiliate marketers when they promote affiliate products.

There is, however, another promotion method that can help increase your sales revenue but that is heavily underused by product owners and affiliate marketers.

This method is known as Passive Promotions.

So what exactly is passive promotion?

To illustrate this, let me give you an example.

Suppose a guy named Alex reached your sales page that sells a $20 ebook that teaches him how to lose weight significantly. Interested by your offer, he bought your ebook. :razz:

Upon completing the purchase (after paying), he is immediately brought to a page where you upsell him on an audio course that consists of 5 professionally recorded interview sessions with 5 weight loss experts.

These 5 interview sessions are in the form of 5 audio CDs, and he (Alex) can buy it with a huge discount since he is already a customer who has already bought an ebook from you.

Alex gladly took up the 5 audio CDs offer. :smile:

Since Alex is now your customer, you placed him in an autoresponder series.

Two weeks later, your autoresponder system follows up with him, this time making him an offer to a home study video course that teaches him how to have the perfect body anyone dreams of.

Again, he took up the offer.

Do you see where I’m going?

This is called passive promotions.

Without actually doing any kind of active promotions like PPC, JV, and setting up affiliate programs for the last two products (5 audio CDs and video home study course), you have managed to sell those products to Alex.

You were able to do this by doing passive promotions.

To put it simply, passive promotions mean that you do not directly promote products and services through regular ways such as those mentioned above, but instead you promote them by making offers on places such as the customer thank you page, free opt-in thank you page, autoresponder email series, etc.

Heck, you can even offer them on your competitors’ sites.

How exactly do you that?

Well, first of all, locate people within your niche (market) who are already selling some kinds of products or services.

This method would work better if these people are affiliates selling other people’s products, but nonetheless, it would also work even if these people are product owners.

Contact them and offer them to sell one of your products at a discount on their thank you page or in their autoresponder email series for their customers.

Now, I know some of you might be thinking: “Yeah that would work if they were affiliates. But if they were product owners, why would they want to create additional competition for themselves?” :roll:

My answer to that is: “Well, you are asking them to sell your product once someone has already bought from them, so it’s not like this person will buy your product and then decides not to buy their product (because he or she has already bought from them in the first place).”

To make this work even better, here are 2 tips you can use:

1. Look for people who are selling only 1 product

You may not notice this, but there are a lot (and I really do mean a lot!) of people who sell only 1 product in a given niche.

I’m not kidding!

If you don’t believe me, keep your eyes open and start paying attention starting from now on. Subscribe to their list and see for yourself. Most of time, they only have 1 product to offer.

By targeting these people, they would be more than happy to offer your product to their customers, since if they hadn’t collaborated with you, they would not have earned any additional income.

2. Look for people who are selling products that are in different price range as your products

It’s easier to persuade people to sell your products to their customers if your products are in different price range than their products.

It can either be cheaper or more expensive, and both would work well.

After their customers have already paid for their products, they can either offer an upsell for your more expensive product or a downsell for your less expensive product.

If your product is in the same price range as their products, chances are the customers will view your products and their products as similar (even though this may not be the case). When this happens, conversion rates for your products will drop.

So which method are you currently using more to sell products and services? I’m betting Active Promotions eh? :mrgreen:

Start doing some Passive Promotions today as well!

8 Responses to “What Passive Promotions Can Do To Your Business (In A Good Way)”

  • Another Tip: Find good products that have recurring bills. This way you earn more money from your customer.

  • It’s amazing to note that this article was published a few years ago but remains effective today. True, the money is in the list and it’s always easy to sell something to a ready buyer. However, timing is critical here for too much promo may affect your credibility in the long run.

  • Thanks for the tips. The thing I like about this method, apart from its simplicity, is that it’s free and easily repeatable. When you have a success, just rinse and repeat.

  • Niche marketing is a good way to promote products and earn money online because there are few competitors yet.~,,

  • You are absolutely right. You can dump money making links in everything you sell… or give away!

    There’s absolutely no reason not to. To leave more links out of your products, is just leaving money on the table.

    I can see why you would call this ‘passive promotion’. The first promotion costs you time and energy, but after that snowball starts rollin’ all by itself!

  • “Passive Promotions” new keyword ;) i will have a look. Thanks!

  • passive promotions, I didn’t know that before. But I got some ideas from this article. I’d likt to try sometime in the future.

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