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Where Do You Get Backlinks?

backlink seo

In my last email, I mentioned the importance of 1-way-backlinks to your SEO efforts (backlink SEO). To get on top of search engines, the number one factor is the quality and quantity of 1-way backlinks going to your site.

Of course there are other factors that determine your site’s position in the search engine result pages (SERP), but these factors don’t weigh much. For example, on-page SEO factors like putting your targeted keyword phrase into the meta keyword and meta description tag will help but they don’t help much.

Makes Sense

If you think about it deeper, it actually makes sense why these on-page factors are not going to give your site a major boost.

On-page SEO factors can be controlled by us website owners. Off-page SEO factors CAN’T be controlled by us and are subject to the control of other website owners.

If on-page factors weigh that much, all of us can just simply tweak our own sites (since it’s within our control) and our website rankings will rise in the search engines. If 1000 or 5000 people are doing it, which 10 are going to be in the top 10 (since there can only be 10 results on the first page)?

Search engines know that if they were to use on-page factors to determine the position of our web pages, we are going to try to beat the system (hey let’s be frank – we are selfish and we only think about ourselves).

That is why search engines put more weight on off-page factors to determine a site’s position in SERP. Even though people can still manipulate things by building and participating in link networks or hubs, or social bookmarking their own sites, or do other things that try to game the system, this is a lot harder and takes more work and effort compared to manipulating on-page factors where you can simply insert the targeted keyword phrase into your web pages.

So What Is The Right Way To Build Backlinks (Backlink SEO)?

1. You should build backlinks to your site slowly over time instead of building hundreds or thousands of links at one go

This is especially true if your site is still new. If your site is new and you build too many incoming links (hundreds or thousands) for a very short period of time, and then suddenly there are no more incoming links, search engines will suspect you are trying to manipulate the system and there’s a high chance that they will eventually NOT list your site in their SERP (or in other more common words – they ban and de-index you from their listing).

2. You should vary your anchor text instead of targeting only 1 keyword phrase

Let’s say you are targeting the keyword phrase “lose weight now” (without quotes). Instead of using this phrase as your anchor text for ALL your backlinks, you should also use some variations and additional related phrases so that the link-building process looks as natural as possible.

For instance, if your main targeted keyword is “lose weight now”, you could target “how to lose weight now” as your secondary keyword, and “natural weight loss” as your tertiary keyword.

3. The sites linking to your site should be as diverse (in terms of IP addresses) as possible

The more diverse the geographic locations (and hence the IP addresses) of the websites linking to your site, the better it is your backlink SEO efforts is going to be. This means it’s going to be harder to manipulate the link building process. You couldn’t possibly rent all the hosting servers in the world just to build backlinks could you?

Now that you know the right way to build backlinks, the next question is:

WHERE Do You Get The Backlinks You Need?

Shane Melaugh’s Backlink Battleplan shows you WHERE to get your backlinks, and even better – he shows you how to get these backlinks at no-cost.

(disclaimer: the above is an affiliate link and I get commission when you buy)

Note that although Shane’s Backlink Battleplan shows you how to get backlinks at no-cost, you need to spend time to build these backlinks. If you currently have little to no money to automate the link-building process by joining various link networks (like I do), then I highly recommend you grab Shane’s Backlink Battleplan.

If, on the other hand, you have the funds to join various link networks, it’s better that you join them instead and skip Shane’s Backlink Battleplan.


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Go get Shane’s Backlink Battleplan now to put your backlink SEO efforts on steroids…

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10 Responses to “Where Do You Get Backlinks?”

  • A noteworthy post for those who just begin their SEO adventure or those (like me) who try to increase their page visibility by themselves, not being an expert in this area. Thank you for sharing those tips!

  • Nice article for begginers.
    I believe that offsite SEO should be seen in the long term, which means that the links must be create manualy rather than using various automated tools such as scrapebox, sick subbmiter etc..

  • Interesting read. My .co blog is very new and I am interested in picking up this guide. I feel that it would be useful but I am short on cash at the moment. I appreciate the tips you presented here and I will def come back soon to get the guide!
    Thanks for the backlink tips

  • twitter and digg like websites are good too for creating backlinks.

  • Nice article, Welly.
    You are right, it is much harder to build backlinks than to optimize your website. You made a good point about building slowly over time and also varying your anchor keywords.
    Thanks for your help.

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  • Adam

    Any tips on what backlink networks are best to sign up for?

  • “If you currently have little to no money to automate the link-building process by joining various link networks (like I do), then I highly recommend you grab Shane..” Any other way without buying it?

    • Yes there is another way Rozaidi. You can search for information presented in Shane’s guide (or any other info guide for that matter) via Google or other search means.

      Information is always free and readily available if you are willing to take the time to sort through all the information to find the accurate ones.

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