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Why I Don’t Like Online Product Launches

online product launches

I bet you know about the kind of online product launches going around ENDLESSLY…

It seems almost every week there is a new product launch; and during these launches, the product owners hit their list SUPER HARD and they ask their JV partners and affiliates to hit their list SUPER HARD as well.

If you’re subscribed to multiple marketers’ lists (which I’m pretty sure you are), then you no doubt would have been emailed about the SAME product launch asking you to buy the product in question. It’s not unusual to get 10 emails promoting the SAME product in a single day.

Worse, some marketers don’t even bother to change the email message and write it in their own words to make it unique. They just copy and paste the exact email message that is given by the product owner.

No personality and no differentiation. Boring!

Yes I know online product launches are very profitable and product owners do doubt make a lot of money out of them.

But There Are 2 Big Problems With This Model…

For this model to sustain:

1. You need to keep fresh new leads coming into the sales funnel all the time (which, for marketing purposes, is actually a good thing)

2. You WILL, at some point, compromise your relationship with your list

(remember why I don’t like Ad Swaps?)

Let’s face it. People are not stupid. You can “fool” them only once but not twice. Well sometimes you can, but more than that is really an insult of their intelligence…

If you, together with 9 other marketers, contact them with 9 hyped-up emails that contain exactly the same message promoting the same product, what do you think your list is going to think of you? Doing that once is fine, but what happens when you do it twice, 3 times, 4 times, etc?

(hey you have to do it 10 times for 10 different JV partners since they all promoted your product last month remember…)

What About Free Educational Content?

You might say that not all the emails are promotional in nature – a lot of marketers now provide free educational content in the form of webinars, or a series of free reports or videos, etc. Yes, initially people will be delighted at all the free content they get.

But over time, as more and more marketers take par t in the “promote me and I’ll promote you” circus, people will eventually know that you don’t have their best interests at heart and are only interested in making profits for yourself.

Even though free content might be served, they (your list) know that in the end, it’s all about pushing them to buy the product.

And don’t get me wrong. Some of these free content from online product launches are actually quite good – you can learn something even if you don’t buy anything. The thing is that people get tired and worn out.

In the end, you compromise your relationship with your list, and eventually they don’t believe in you anymore. So you find fresh new leads (typically beginners since they are still very green and are not exposed to your offer or your JV partners’ offer YET…) and the promo cycle starts again.

Here’s A Shocking Revelation

I do take part in the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back” circus. However, I ONLY SELECTIVELY choose and pick products/services that I feel will benefit my audience. But how do I know which products/services will benefit my audience?

The answer is simple really – I review them first. If I don’t, then I’m not going to know how good the product/service is and if they would fit well into my audience right? So every time I promote someone else’s product, I do a review first.

If it’s no good, or if it doesn’t fit well into my audience, I don’t promote the product in question.

And if I do promote (other people’s products/services), I only do it once or twice per month. Reason is I don’t want to overwhelm my audience.

Do you like online product launches and how they are promoted? Let me know in a comment below. I provide live, do-follow links…

23 Responses to “Why I Don’t Like Online Product Launches”

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  • Online Product Launches…

    Why I Don’t Like Online Product Launches…

  • My only qualms with them like you stated is hounding subscribers with the same boring email sales copy. Using and
    reviewing the product before “pestering” your subscribers is a sure-fire way of making sure that they don’t unsubscribe from the list ’cause they found out that the product you promoted was CRAP! ;-)

  • Hi Welly,

    Good post. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hitting your list hard, so long as:

    1. You truly believe the product/service is going to help your subscribers.

    2. You’re balancing sales emails with a good mix of free content.

    Unfortunately, this isn’t always how it works. Gurus will promote products they’ve never seen or used. And they’ll hammer their email list with all kinds of sales pitches, rarely any valuable content.

    If you’d like to read my most recent post about “The Syndicate,” check out:

    List Management, Fake Endorsements, and The Syndicate


    • Hey Ryan

      Thanks for stopping by sharing your post about the Syndicate. Definitely worth a read.


  • Hi Welly, Good post. I receive more than 50 of these emails per day and I possibly read 2 or 3 of them. The rest are deleted or unsubscribed from.
    Especially those that say that I have to hurry because they are closing today. Then they open them up just for another short time THEN they are closing them forever. Those I close forever.
    It has become very annoying and those that don’t even change the emails they were provided with but just slap their names on them and mail them out. They have clogged up the whole email method of trying to sell on the Internet.
    Something else will come to take it’s place, but until it does, we will have to endure it until it no longer works.
    It must still be working somewhat, otherwise it would have faded away by now.

    • Hi Brian

      It is working very very well for the big boys — those who have huge lists. It’s just that like I’ve said above, they always need to find fresh new leads and they compromise their relationship with their list over time.

  • Welly,
    You are so right about product launches. If you are on the email list of several big name internet marketers then you are already receiving their new offers directly from them, EVERYDAY for a week and a half up before the launch then everyday for 3 or 4 days during the launch, then about every other day for a week and a half after the launch. Then when you throw the 4 or 5 emails from other internet marketers trying to sell you the same program it really gets annoying. I’ve actually unsubscribed to several lists during a couple of these launches over the past few weeks.

    Oh yeah, and don’t get me started on the JV thing. I hate those with a passion. You wind up on every tom dick and harry’s list under the sun and the info they give is all the same free PLR stuff you can find with a simple Google search. I delete those emails without even looking at them anymore.
    There has to be a better way.
    All the best,

    • Hello Karen

      Agreed. There has to be a better way — like how we smaller marketers operate :D

  • Hi Welly,

    Great advice again in myu opinion!
    I agree with everything you’re saying and operate in a similar fashion.

    I’m very selective on what I will promote, and being a smaller marketer I can afford to be.
    One benefit we do have is that we’re not relying on the big boy network… so we don’t have to burn our subscribers to return favours :)

    Especially as they have no regard to how badly we upset our readers… as most have so many partners and huge lists to not have to care anymore (what a shame that is… when they care more about making money than providing value and building long term relationships)!

    Keep doing what you’re doing Welly :)


    • Hey Randy

      Thanks for stopping by once again. Yeah their subscriber number has grown too big to care for providing value and building relationships.

      Hey there’s always the new kid on the block right? :P

  • Hi Welly

    I think we are all seeing this merry go round of the same e mails promoting more over hyped products at ever more silly prices that try and say you need this

    Frankly we don’t need $2,000 Dollar products that do no more than a $47 Dollar product should do

    They will kill this market if it is not cleaned up and it needs to start from the people who should know better, ie some of the previously highly respected Guru types who are just exploiting their positions for quick gains at the expense of the people chasing shiny objects and dreams

    Because I fear if not an outside body will step in at the expense of the many decent people marketing Online and then we all suffer as a result

    Thanks Tony

    • Hi Tony

      Sadly most gurus don’t care about the interests of their audience. Their focus is on the profits, and to gain as much profits as you can of course you participate in the circus.

      And people who are still green and new to the market are chasing shiny objects — which help the gurus make even more money.

  • Hi Welly,

    No I don’t! I hate them. I have lost alot of money with their so called hyped up products. Yes I have made some money with some, but you’re right after a while getting 10 exact emails, makes you wonder about them. I have recently unsubscribed myself from all lists except yours. I really like what you have to offer your readers here. Keep it up!

    Sincerely Liz

    • Hi Liz

      Thank you for staying on my list. Appreciate that!

  • Hi Welly,

    You’re so right abt the product launch circus. And i must add that most of these emails we receive are from marketers promoting within the “money-making” niches. You will hardly face any of this in other niches coz I’ve been a niche marketer since 2003 and from my experience, even I used to subscribe & receive close to 25 emails a day from fellow marketers promoting some “gurus” latest product.

    The solution? ONLY subscribe to those peoples list who have your interests at heart. Even if that is really hard to find these days!

    • Hi Aaron

      25 emails a day? I hope you unsubscribe to a lot of them, just like you said :D

  • Hi Welly,

    Interesting post, very contentious, mainly because this is exactly what the top earners have actually been doing all the while that we have been watching and studying how they operate. Once the penny drops, and like you say, it is a circus, is it really worth listening anymore to the hyped up drivel?
    A great General knows exactly what it is like to be a Private, and therefore knows what it is like being in the trenches. If you don’t know any great Generals, become one, and don’t believe the hype.
    Choose wisely, ascertain Exactly what it is that YOU want to achieve, work out the steps that this plan is going to take and work at it, not at every other one’s version of it. Then it becomes uniquely yours.
    This is very rewarding and you will be much happier this way.
    Perpetual launch after launch after launch, no wonder people suffer with information overload and analysis paralysis, it is ridiculous.

    All the very best


    • Hi Marcus

      Yep perpetual launch after launch after launch — when are the buyers going to have time to study and implement what they’ve just bought when the next launch is just around the corner?

  • I don’t like about 90% product launches – because it’s the same stuff- old things re-done but basically saying the same… no need to buy many of them. And I don’t like the so called gurus – they promote each other – without actually knowing what’s inside, what’s the product about, and not mentioning they NEVER tried the methods or the stuff itself!

    Funny, how many emails I got. But it really entertain me sometimes ;) People should first read the reviews and then decide if it’s for them or not (most probably not).


    • Hehehe if they have to review what’s inside before promoting a JV product, they couldn’t possibly have the time to do anything else, could they? Hey they are promoting at least 10 different products remember :)

  • Hello Welly,

    I have only recently started reading your posts.
    Your advice on these is straightforward and genuine.Nowadays there is too much hype and not enough commonsense.Keep up the good work.
    Regards David B.

    • Hi David

      That’s why I strive to provide as less hype as I possibly can :) There is already more than enough of it going around.

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