Why Motivation Does Not Work

why motivation does not work

Before I get into why motivation does not work, let me first tell you a story…

3 years ago, I watched a video.

After watching it, I was touched and happy at the same time.

I felt it was such a nice feeling if everyone in the world can live in peace and harmony – no wars, crime, or anything like that – just us humans getting to know and respect each other from different parts of the world with different cultures and beliefs.

Now, 3 years later, I still am touched and elated after watching this video again.

What are your feelings and thoughts NOW after watching the video? Please immediately post them NOW as a comment right below this post. Don’t wait until you’ve finished the rest of this post before leaving your thoughts.

Do it NOW, as I really would like to know what you think about the video…











Why I’m Sharing This Video

Okay, now that you’ve posted your thoughts, let me tell you why I’m sharing this video with you. The reason is because I want you to be inspired and motivated.

Why? And didn’t you just said that motivation does not work?

Here’s why:

Because if you’re not inspired or motivated, you’d simply goof off and become lazy. You’re not going to step out of your comfort zone – which means that you’re doing what the majority of people in this world do – feel comfortable and content in their comfort zone – which, in most cases, are “poor” zones to be in.

Don’t get me wrong though – these people want to get out of their zone, but they just don’t have enough enthusiasm and motivation to do so. The comfort of staying where they are (current situation) outweighs the benefits they are going to enjoy (future situation) if they step out of their zone.

And because most people want instant gratification (albeit short-term) instead of delayed gratification (albeit long-term), they just give up and keep staying where they are – on their comfortable couch. Ouch!!!

Even though they know that outside of their comfort zone, there is a much more attractive zone – the “winners” zone as I like to call it – they still insist in taking the instant gratification route, at the expense of their long-term future.

Sad but true.

Simple, Actionable Tip

But for those who want to sacrifice their short-term misery and go for that long-term happiness and joy, let me give you a simple tip today. It’s really simple.

And here’s why earlier I said motivation does not work:

The reason why most people who go to motivational seminars or a listen inspirational mp3 recordings eventually go back to their old “habitat” – meaning they are only motivated during the seminar and a few days after that, then go back to their old self – is because they are not inspired and motivated on a DAILY basis.

This is why motivation does not work if you’re motivated only once in a while. For motivation to work, you need it on a DAILY basis.

The Power Of Repetition

There’s a saying “Practice makes perfect”.

If you want to achieve something, you NEED to be constantly reminded (as in on a DAILY basis) that you want to achieve that something. If not, your brain will totally forget about it and eventually this “something” does not even exist in your brain anymore.

There are too much distractions and interruptions going on in our everyday lives. Work issues. Family issues. Money issues. Relationship issues. Etc. Your brain is constantly bombarded with these things, which is why you need to remind yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY what you want to achieve.

Repetitive reminders to your brain that you’re trying to achieve X, Y, and Z is a very powerful exercise that you MUST practice daily. This will allow you to stay on the right track to achieving your goals, instead of veering off-course (which most people do, both consciously and unconsciously).

The Power Of Focus

Focus leads to clarity, which our brain absolutely loves. Clarity means you know exactly what you want. Instead of saying “I want to earn a lot of money”, you say “I want to earn $100,000 per month in net profits by December 2012″.

The second example is much clearer and specific. The more specific and clearer you get, the better your brain will find ways to achieving it. Think about it. “A lot of money” is very vague. How much is a lot of money? $1,000? $10,000? $100,000? $1,000,000?

When you really focus on what you want, your brain will find ways to focus on the most important tasks that you need to do in order to achieve your goals. You then focus in doing these important tasks and ignore the rest.

Less is more.

Busy Doesn’t Mean Productive; Lazy Also Doesn’t Mean Unproductive

Sometime ago, I’ve written a post about how to be more productive. Go and read that post (even if you’ve already read that, read it again – remember what I said about repetition). It will help you to become more focused and find more clarity in your everyday life.

Remember, remind yourself DAILY what your goals are. Don’t simply think about your goals. Write them down. Say them out loud. This will force you to give deeper and more meaningful thoughts about your goals, and hence provide your brain with clearer and more specific goals.

Again, DAILY is the keyword here. If you haven’t posted your thoughts about the video above, please do so now below…

69 Responses to “Why Motivation Does Not Work”

  • I could not get my eyes off the video, because of the simple and contagious joy it radiates. Life is all about our personal perspective and choice. It calls for stepping out into the world with our own joy and finally do what the heart says – even if it is just for some silly fun. Who doesn’t want fun?
    Thanks Welly.

  • Napoleón

    Thanks Welly.

    This video made me cry. And I feel that I have lost long time staying in the dreams of comfort. Beyond outside has and much more to know and do… still have time.

  • Wonderful video.Thanks for sharing. It has more emotion for me.

  • My first thought is how in the heck did this guy finance this! And how did he get people to jump on board and dance with him. I think it’s great when people find things that are passionate to them, and go achieve their goals without fear, and with determination!!

  • Motivation does work. And if anyone thinks he will not be moved by the video, I don’t think any other force in the world can. The power of focus and repetition are two important factors to really get something done.

  • the video was truly inspiring… looking forward to reading more posts from you.

  • Labels

    Great video. It’s motivating me to rethink what motivates me :)

  • Great video- My thoughts: “be happy where you are right now”

  • This video is really make me feel something… what is that? :-)

  • Love the video, goes to show doing something simple can spread but it requires a lot of work and motivation to make it happen.

  • I love it and I can not wait to see your new plug in that you have. I truly want to thank you for what you are doing. Also I see that you are a programmer and I wanted to talk with you in the near future.

    I will make sure that I stay connected to the blog

  • This is definitely one of the most inspiring video I’ve ever watched.
    I would agree! When one is inspired and motivated they become more productive.

  • Wonderful Post Welly. As for Matt’s video, as soon as I got to see it quite some time ago, I was prompted to make a blog post about it because I loved it and wanted to share it with the world. Watched it quite a few times after that. I feel happy every time I get to see it. Very inspiring!!

  • This is one of my favorite videos. LOVED watching it again!!

    FOCUS that’s the key.

    I was once told “What you consistently focus on is what you will get” and it is so true.

    If you want to make changes in your life, then focus on the things you need to do to make those changes.

    Thanks for sharing Welly, always love your posts.

  • Well, I guess I’m a little odd because I started to scroll down as soon as this wonderful video was over to write how much I enjoyed it. On the way to the replies I saw the large expanse of white space in the post, which caught my eye and made me read on. Your points are exactly why most people are employees and not entrepreneurs.
    Love, love, love the video. What a cool idea. Look at all the people whose lives he touched. What a beautiful, diverse world it is!

  • Christian

    It’s not the first time that I see a video of this guy, and yes it makes me feel happy to see it, and I make me want to dance too.

  • Its is a great video – It shows so clearly, that all us people are the same, no matter our skin colour, our language, our culture. we all want happiness and fun in our lives. and most important if we reach out in a positive way, we are received in the same positive way.

    I couldn’t stop smiling during the video :-)

    Most people knows that “you have to set yourself a goal and take a actions towards that goal” –

    BUT the internet has unfortunely managed to make us believe that success can be accomplished overnight and when that doesn’t happen we believe that WE are a failure and WE are doing something wrong. We believe in the dream and a quick fix out of our money problems and we are doomed to fail and buy more crap, so we become buying junkies and all that does is take us further and further away from our goal.

    My advise is – Set up a very modest goal, reach that and expand the goal. forget about making BIg bucks quickly on the internet and build yourself a serious business instead – one little step at a time.

    To your success

  • Brad

    The thing it did for me is make me smile. It was really fun to see someone had so much drive and believed in the idea enough to travel to all of those places in order to create that clip. Kudos to them for following through on their vision.

  • Terry Sanders

    Awwww, sweet.

    I’m afraid that was my entire reaction. I wasn’t elated or uplifted. Perhaps because I’ve seen too many things like it. “Gee, if we can all sing and dance together, then the world can be a wonderful place, right?”


  • For some people there is comfort in mediocrity but for others living in less fortunate circumstances their feelings of helplessness can be understood.

  • Harold

    Hey Welly,

    Nice video. I was letting something rather dumb begin to grab my focus away from my business, and I was feeling pretty pissed-off and moody. Then I check the inbox and watched the video.

    I forgot all about “Where’s Matt”. I’ve heard of him, but never really seen him before. The video made me laugh and smile.

    But more importantly, the video tied right in on your thoughts on focus, clarity, why, and action. Matt decided what he wanted to do. He had a strong why he wanted to do it. And he found a way to do it; and then he took action.

    I hear that now he makes some pretty good money dancing around world from sponsors.

    Nice one Welly.

  • Great Video Get loose and dance and sing! A very powerful idea!



  • I can’t stop smiling.. it’s so fun and inspiring.

  • I was smiling all the way, while watching this video. :D
    I feel more enthusiastic by now. Thanks for sharing this video. I will retweet this through my network.

  • Loved the video,made me feel good inside, I think it points also to the enjoyment of dancing, whether we admit it or not-dancing is therapy for the soul.
    As to motivation, we all need it daily, either from internal or external sources- we need it!
    But as for striving to be rich, to have more, to compete with the Jones, to leave a legacy and provide for future generations, this is all “foolishness and striving after the wind”. The secret to happiness is keeping one’s life simple. We should be happy with what we HAVE, and don’t worry about what we WANT.
    Everyone is programmed from birth to be a part of the Human Race – “The machine” that preoccupies us with making MONEY instead of what we should be doing.

    What should we be doing?
    Learning about us, who we are, where we are from, why we are here, and how to unitedly as a world proceed for the betterment of man and the entire living Planet.

    Imagine what we could achieve if the whole earth was united and money was done away with and all we strived for was pure improvements, without the profit factor.

    If we can do this we will have found Paradise. Really Shouldn’t this be our Goal?

  • Nicole

    The video made me smile all the way through. Just seeing people from all over the world having a great time no matter what their circumstance is made me realize something very important. We innately want the same thing in life – happiness. The “traveling dancing man” managed to touch people thousands of people, not only those in the video but the video viewers are well, with one simple thing – a dance. Such an experience must really change the way he views the world.

  • Life is a special gift to enjoy now because the future is uncertain and the end is always near.

  • Wonderful article…..
    I have been sharing “motivation” material with clients for 50 years.
    Those who will infuse the concepts into their subconscious are amazed how their DRIVE and energy persists.
    Of course it takes discipline…
    A Character trait rarely found today in the Western World

  • I just can say thank you Welly.

    I couldn’t explain I felt. But it was really amazing.

    Thank you again, and thank all the people lives in this world.

  • Made me feel like there is hope for us all working and playing together. We are one family! Made me smile. I wrote this without stopping to look at other comments, will be interesting to see if the same theme is present in the other comments. Thank you.

  • Motivation is like a hot bath. Once it is over it is soon forgotten. However, everyone needs to take a bath if not for them for the others around them. The same is true of motivation.

  • Stew

    Hey Welly,
    Thanks for sharing this video. It was especially uplifting because here in the U.S. we are watching our country crumble because the fools running Congress are more interested in their ideologies rather than what is best for the nation; or the world. I’m going to look for my “happy feet” after posting this…well, I’ll watch the video again too:)

  • The two things I think hold people back are Vision and Action. So even if you are hyper motivated, it does you no good without vision and action.

    By vision I mean the ability to know what you want and don’t want. When you don’t know where you’re going, you tend to get blurred by shiny object syndrome. It’s human nature. And then there’s taking enough of the right actions.

    I’ve learned you don’t need a lot of action, just enough of the right action. You’ll be amazed how these two simple things can turn things around real quick.

    A video like this is a must watch every morning before you start your day. It will put your mind in a better place so you’ll see things clearer.

    I surround myself with things and people that put my mind in the right place. I call it good mind space.

    Greg Cesar

  • Good to watch… Just goes to show…
    No need for a complexed project – very simple both visually and effortlessly and the message came across just fine.

    Hey! Anyone can do it! ACTION is the word…

  • whenever I see this video, it puts a smile on my face :-) ) People all over the world are quite the same. They like to be happy …

  • I would say never stop dancing. It makes the world a better place.

  • What I really noticed when I watched this video a second time is that Matt never stopped dancing. No one will really know what his intentions REALLY were, but he simply NEVER stopped dancing. When the video started, he danced alone in many places and didn’t get much attention. That didn’t stop him. He simply continued to dance.

    Finally, he got to a point where people took notice of him and they began to dance too. Even though he had to travel to MANY, many places before people took notice of him, he never stopped.

    When we decide to step out on a limb in life, no one may take notice of what we do at first glance, but if we become repetitive in what we do, eventually, someone will take notice.

    Matt could have easily stopped after dancing in a few countries, but if he did that, we wouldn’t have this great video to give us hope! :)

    That’s what I see.

    Sean Grimes

  • Concerning Matt’s Video:
    Matt created some movement – dancing he is calling – all over the world; inspiring people to do something most probably without knowing the main idea behind it. Looks good, sounds well and costs a tremendous amount of money and energy. Is it worth to forward that way? I don’t know because I don’t know what happened after the happening. I am afraid nothing happened on the long term.

    Concerning Welly’s Post on motivation:
    Personally I don’t spend money on motivation trainer because I don’t them. Why I don’t need them? Because my life didn’t start in the upper class of the society. I wanted to have a better live as my parents got. That should be motivation enough.

    The whole motivation process started with being aware of the position you are in. You have to know where you are. Thereafter you have to know where to go; your final goal, your final destination. You should picture this final goal into your brainand every day you wake up, you recognize this final goal.

    After knowing where you are and where to go you have to find a path to reach that final goal. In the beginning you really don’t know which path to take. However you have to take one; at that moment your maybe best choice. Very soon you will discover you have to make corrections in your path / plan because by doing you are learning and understanding things you didn’t know before. This process of learning by doing will have to be repeated several times. During this process you need motivation. To my experience in those cases the final goal is your best source of motivation.

    All the best

  • The video is not playing.
    But yes, isolated motivational events, unless they are momentous, rarely result in permanent change. The real cause of change is down to an internal locus of control, as opposed to external stimuli.

  • John H

    The power of dance and communication are force that can only enhance relationships.

  • Linda

    Quite an inspiring video… thank you

  • Yeah, it was wonderful. I’ve seen it before several years ago. Smiled…teary eyed even. Felt hopeful! Hmmm…

  • Netta

    Great watch, brought a smile to my face. And seeing how the dogs reacted was awsome too.

  • What this video shows is that despite all being unique and different we are in fact all the same.

    We all have the same aspirations of achieving something better for ourselves and our children.

    At first site we hate things that are different, “how do you pronounce that name”, “why do they dress like that”, “how can they believe in that”, “why do they do that”, but when you enter their house you see that they are the same. So invite those “different” people you don’t know to your house, let them see that you are the same, but different.

    Celebrate your differences, you can respect different cultures and religions but that does not mean you have to become a believer, just respect that they are. You can respect their traditions, learn how they came about and find them interesting.

    The biggest issue facing this planet is population; the UN says that by 2050 there will be 12 billion people on this planet. So we need to work together to curb this, if we don’t there will be unrest like you have never seen before as countries fight for food. We have a choice, address it now in co-operation or let there be a war in the future that will kill billions. Why is this relevant to this video, because it is a Global problem we must all face and take responsibility for according to the population of our country.

    Motivation comes from hope which is the oxygen for goals, this is the circle of aspiration.

  • Great Video…reminded me to “lighten up” and have more fun. Life is short – go for what you want every single day.

  • What a fantastic video. It shows the power of doing what you feel like doing even if you look a complete idiot! Keep going and others will soon be motivated to join you!

    Thanks for a great video and a great article. I totally agree with you

    Take care and God Bless

    John Watson

  • Annabel

    It shows you that people are the same wherever they are in the world regardless of religion, politics, culture – they just want to be happy. Show people something they like and that makes them happy and they bring the motivation themselves.

  • Ray

    a couple of things, one. it reminds me of a student that has been able to take a gap year and mommy and daddy paid for a trip around the world for him because he has nothing better to do with his life. and secondly it shows me that he has been and done things that the everyday person such as myself will never achieve. and showing such a video is like rubbing salt in the wound.

    • How sad Ray. The other day I placed 25 people at random in a program to make money to do a personality study. Some were NEVER successful and some were VERY successful in this type of business. Most that were successful made money in days. Those that never succeed failed almost immediately. All had the exact same position and opportunity. YOU could achieve success but YOU decided not to. I have a girl from a third world country making less than $100 a month and she made $16,000 in six weeks. Because you have the ability to post on the internet, you have the same chance. You are right, if you believe it will not happen, it will not happen. The chance to be that everyday person that becomes exceptional is right on this page.

  • Esar

    It is a great video indeed!

    You are right, people keep reading and attending seminars to gather KNOWLEDGE but never ACT on them.

    Khalil Gibran said:


  • Made me laugh and smile as I watched this, it gave me a great feeling, very interesting.

    Regards Mark M

  • Remind me of my dreams to have time & money to travel around the world with my family.
    Thanks Welly – nice vid & article, you are the man!

  • Performance is reality… LOVE IT!!

  • I loved the video. SO joyful. I landed up looking up Matt’s site and reading more about him and now I’m watching videos on his site. :) I really like finding the story behind stuff.
    Yip it is all about discipline. Having a plan and sticking to it.

  • Welly, as always, well done. Even as a motivational author, your writing always serves as tonic for me. Let me put it simply: it is time you were a bestselling author. Do it!

  • Jennifer

    Made me laugh and smile watched this once before great feeling

  • Yep, so true.

    Stimulation is external. Motivation is internal.

    Beware of confusing the two.

  • Great video. Loved it. Trust, fun, frolic.

  • I feel really calm after watching the video.
    Thanks for sharing this.


  • Thanks Welly, video made me happy and smiles. As for your post, i really needed to hear that, it was like a kick in the bum for me, really thank you.

  • If you are having a problem with being motivated, you need to get a better “WHY”.

    Motivation works… when you know how to apply it correctly. (much like almost everything else in life!).

  • That is just awsome seeing people so happy and just having fun together. That is a gift to see people work together no matter what country they live in.

  • Happy…free…peace…eciting. Someday….I will leave all this boring life and go around the world and dancing….

  • Great article. I always say that most people like the idea of success. People like the idea of having lots of money, fancy cars, no debt, rock hard six pack, etc. The problem is that people don’t want to put in the work to achieve the success they want.

  • Philip

    Great fun

  • Where the he’ll is Matt are one of my most favourite vids, because they make people united not divided.

  • JOe

    It doesn’t take a lot to make people happy no matter where they are from, or the language they speak

  • Margit

    I couldn’t stop smiling.

  • Yes it’s true base on my own experience.People are motivated during the seminars or events,or reading a motivational book or articles-only for that moment.I found out that motivation is like a hot soup,you have to consume it while its hot,oncle it gets cold,you ignore it.Clarity of purpose is really important,without clarity you won’t even get near to your desired destination.As Pat Mesiti said in his book “$1 Million Reason To Change Your Mind”, IF THERE IS A MIST IN YOUR MIND,THERE IS A FOG IN YOUR WORLD.

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